IPhones VS Androids,Their Differences and Similarities

There is a buzz of excitement in the media and telecommunication circle as iPhone and Android users vie for which is the champion in its class when it involves mobile technology. Looking from a productivity standpoint, both devices do have their differences and comparableities. Nevertheless, depending on the respective categories to which they serve, there’s […]

What to Consider When You Switch From Android to iPhone

Though they could be tempted, many customers are afraid to take the radical step of changing their cell phone and working system… what concerning the images, the music assortment, and the contacts? The process of moving from iOS to Android or vice versa and migrating all the data can be cumbersome, but not impossible. So […]

iPhone Replacement Parts – All You Must Know

iPhones have been common ever for the reason that first one hit the market way back in 2007. iPhones are not these smartphones which you should buy anytime as they’re the pricey piece of equipment even though they’re totally value their price. Many people want to get their iPhones repaired in case of damage or […]